Sunday, January 12, 2014


"I am not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me"
- WHO SAID by Selena Gomez-

Hallo Guys,
i'm sick with those people who love talking about my weakness on social media or school -____-
i am really tired
please realize that everyone has a weakness
i'm tired ,okay?
without being told/mocked i've already known what are my weaknesses since i was in elementary  
so stop talking about me -_-
i may not be the prettiest girl in the world,and those who talk about me aren't either, 
so yeah, 
i'm going to post why most of you talk about me  :

 i have a pair of bowlegs, it's like rachitis 
but it isn't. it was caused by my father's genetic
and because i'm thin and i love wearing short , many people easily notice my legs
i'm lucky enough because i can WALK with this legs!
i'm thankful , i am luckier than those who can't walk.
and many models and famous people have this kind of legs
so, i am not alone :P


i've never minded my chubby cheeks, but some coments on instagram bothered me -_-
admit it ,
girls become super sensitive when someone talks about their face,etc -_-
what is the mistake having chubby cheeks?
i may not be pretty with this kind of cheeks 
but i don't care
this is who i am


I  don't really show off my face at most of my photos because most my photo's concept is inspired by tumblr
as you can see many tumblr girl didn't show off her face
and again some coment my face ugly blablabla
so that's why i post my face photos on this post
so those who said that will statisfied

i don't care 
if you say i am ugly,etc
i will accept anything which has given by God

i don't care what do you say about me after you read this post
but please respect everybody!
nobody's prerfect


  1. omg siapa claire yg blggituuu kok tega bgt sih,,kalo gasuka ya gasuka aja kali gausah offend you. sabar ya say!! <3

  2. omg:")
    don't listen to what haters say, claire. you're extremely gorgeous! :*

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Don't care about what other people say, you look beautiful :)

  4. awwh don't care what people say about you!
    i wanted a pair of bow legs if i can ! it means you have sort of a tigh gap which many girls would work their butt off to achieve one!
    it's your life to live, not theirs okay? ( :

  5. Fantastic pictures! You look adorable!
    Following you!

  6. well yes, agree of what you wrote here..just be yourself, just accept who you are..and hey we're not born to please everyone ;) just grateful for everything right ? :D

  7. just be yourself . every girl is pretty just the way they are :) you can be the prettiest girl if you keep smile and ignore them :D so keep smile and say "I DON'T CARE" to haters :D
    btw, love your post! ecspecially the one when you smile :) looks so pretty :)

    This is real and This is me
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  8. that's so true claire~ just ignore them haters, they're just jealous of your special features ;;)
    btw you look so pretty here and love the concept, very simple but elegant :D

    cheer, michelle

  9. Love your style especially your shoes :) would you mind to follow each other?

  10. oh my god sorry, I comment to wrong people :P
    I mean, chubby isn't bad, I like your cheek, it same with bunga citra lestari's :)
    And your legs are pretty

  11. Claire, believe it or not people will always judge you. You are superbly gorgeous in your own way and i always look up to you because you're so inspiring! Believe that you are beautiful ;)

    Pudding Monster

  12. Hey pretty! Don't worry. If they still give negative comments about you, don't mind them but if you think they're going way overboard, don't let them continue it. Don't keep your mouth shut because you don't deserve to be treated that way, of course, no one deserves to be treated that way. Cheer up! :)

    I hope you can check out my latest post :)

  13. thumbs up for you being proud of yourself !!
    don't mind what others think :)

  14. you look effortlessly beautiful!keep going,xx

  15. I think you're gorgeous just the way you are! Love the natural feel of these photos - your crown is adorable and the pop of red is beautiful.
    The Marcy Stop

  16. agree!! setiap manuasia pasti ada kekurangan nya ngga akan ada yg sempurna,..
    kita bersyukur aja sm semua yg kita punya ;) don't worry babe,,negative comments only people envious of you :D
    you're so cute face and pretty look with short and wedges shoes ;)

  17. Well, I think you are just lovely! xxx (thank you for the comment on my blog, the lens I use for outfit photos is 50mm. I use the 35mm for beauty posts)

    I do agree with you, some people on my blog are the same, they call me alay, etc using 'anonymous' i dont know why but i think they are cowards, and i dont care even though sometimes it makes my heart hurts.
    but i learned that we dont have to listen to them, we dont deserve it.
    so keep smiling and always be true to yourself claire :))


  19. agree, and I have chubbier cheek than you. No worries, you have a partner here.. haha..
    you do look so lovely anyway <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  20. AGREE, Claire! Anggap aja yang bilang seperti itu pengen banget seperti dirimu. Jadi, mereka perhatian bgt sm km hehee
    Kalo mnrt aku tiga2 nya justru karakteristik uniknya km lagi. Especially chubby cheeks :333
    Dan menurut aku, IG kamu itu FAB bangeet! and having no face- pictures are some kind of art and we're clearly focusing to the details . People need to undertstand this! hohoo


  21. never mind what that people said, dear
    Just smile and say "thanks" to them, they just haven't notice yet that they have an ugly aspects too :)

  22. Ignore them dear, there is always mean people in this world :)
    give them your smile, because they make you stronger :D


  23. don't you ever think you're ugly.
    I know how it feels when i get some negative comments in social media, why do we have to care?
    we're perfect in our own way !

  24. what the hell about those ppl, you're pretty -_-
    u have a unique face ^^ i like it
    every ppl is pretty and beautiful in their own way it's called 'UNIQUE' no one has the same exact thing abt evrythng

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  26. i actually like bow legs because i think it means that we are skinny.
    just don't care about what they said, some people are just too busy body, cheers!

  27. What a inspiring but a very deep post.
    Of course everyone has their own flaws. I'm glad that you accepted them and acknowledge that they are part of you!
    I'm surprised that you have such hateful comments from others!! I would be very ashamed to even say such ruthless negative stuff to anyone. After they read this post, they know now not to mess with you anymore ^^

  28. I envy the person with bow legs. because I think they are sexy, and I don't have it. btw, can i know what you use to edit your photos? that's amazing color!

  29. I don't see any problem with those legs! They are gorgeous. Haters gonna hate, don't mind them xx

  30. you have your own beauty! love your hair and the flowers.
    nice to know you anyway,

  31. gorgeous photos. i love your head piece!

  32. you look absolutely pretty :) i used to care when people call me ugly or old, but now i give less shit and my life suddenly became better. You are always beautiful in your own way.

  33. Ignore them. Well, they just hate you because they can't do a great thing as you, so they mad at you. Who said chubby cheek is terrible? Chubby cheeks will make you look prettier. Trust me. You're awesome, don't listen the one who hate you for a silly reason ;)

  34. You look pretty dear, as always :D

  35. claire, you are beautiful! that bow legs are really look like a supermodel. why they mock about that? kaki jenjangmu itu bagus! dan yup kita beruntung karena kita punya kaki, banyak orang di luar sana pengen punya kaki. don't give a sh*t about what others sayin, claire. btw, pics tanpa muka itu emang bagus banget, kayak tumblr.. kenapa itu jadi bahan ejekan? justru itu menurutku yg bikin instagram kamu punya banyak followers.. karena high quality pics! I will always support u Claire <3

  36. ahh don't listen to them, you look pretty! xx

    btw, iyaa aku di yakobus dari sd haha kok kamu tau? :o

  37. Nice flower crown.

  38. Don't listen to them Claire, you are perfect created by God :)
    Cheer up !

    Chic Swank

  39. Dont bothered their comments, dear. You amazing and gorgeous :)
    loveeee this shoots so much <33


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  41. Just walk away don't hear what they say, sister. They're just jealous with you :)
    Btw, you look so cute with that flower crown :3

  42. don't listen what they say, claire.
    everyone is surely have a weaknesses.
    cheer up! I support you :D

    much love,

  43. I have a wide face and chubby cheeks as well. Sometimes people said that I'm fatter even when I don't gain any weight. But besides that, I think having a chubby cheeks is not a big deal. I feel young with this chubby cheeks. hehe

    so.. stay strong dear!!
    just ignore them ;D

  44. truee syg! nobody's perfect & let them talk whatever & dnt let the negativity ruins you ;) you're beautiful just the way you are because God made you special ;) love the floral pics too btw! happy vals day yaaa


  45. lovely dear like you are

    i cant imagine why somebody loose time for say this bad words ..

  46. OMG you can post your face or selfie as many as you want sweetest claire, dont bother about hater you are prettttttyyyyy :*
    just tell me i'll slap them for you lol #mean


  47. Every girl beauty on their own way dearr..
    Don't care about people said about u their just envy. I love your photoshoots really awesome I wish I can take a photoshoots like that too cz I love tumblr photo they are amazing <3

  48. Such a lovely photos! Just be confidence and don't let the mean girls affect you! You're beautiful just the way you are :)

  49. ci clairee jangan dengerin kicauan merekaaaa<333


  50. the pictures look great! i really like the feeling of spring :)

    xx, rebecca


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