Tuesday, February 18, 2014


i can't wait for IFW 2014
i know i can't come to IFW 2014 ,but i can't wait to read the fashion show's review but some bloggers
i can't wait for COLORBOX's FASHION SHOW 
their theme is
they do the collaboration with NUMBER 1 ☺

here's some sneak peek from a collection from
Colorbox with Number 1 by LPTB Susan Budihardjo  :

 they have such romantic and fun stuffs
i can't wait to shop their new collection really soon:O
it soo temptating! 
you can see them on 

i can't wait to see them!
and the greatest part is 
COLOR BOX has a super give away in Ruby and Rosa's blog
so join their give away !
click here to join

Sunday, January 12, 2014


"I am not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me"
- WHO SAID by Selena Gomez-

Hallo Guys,
i'm sick with those people who love talking about my weakness on social media or school -____-
i am really tired
please realize that everyone has a weakness
i'm tired ,okay?
without being told/mocked i've already known what are my weaknesses since i was in elementary  
so stop talking about me -_-
i may not be the prettiest girl in the world,and those who talk about me aren't either, 
so yeah, 
i'm going to post why most of you talk about me  :

 i have a pair of bowlegs, it's like rachitis 
but it isn't. it was caused by my father's genetic
and because i'm thin and i love wearing short , many people easily notice my legs
i'm lucky enough because i can WALK with this legs!
i'm thankful , i am luckier than those who can't walk.
and many models and famous people have this kind of legs
so, i am not alone :P


i've never minded my chubby cheeks, but some coments on instagram bothered me -_-
admit it ,
girls become super sensitive when someone talks about their face,etc -_-
what is the mistake having chubby cheeks?
i may not be pretty with this kind of cheeks 
but i don't care
this is who i am


I  don't really show off my face at most of my photos because most my photo's concept is inspired by tumblr
as you can see many tumblr girl didn't show off her face
and again some coment my face ugly blablabla
so that's why i post my face photos on this post
so those who said that will statisfied

i don't care 
if you say i am ugly,etc
i will accept anything which has given by God

i don't care what do you say about me after you read this post
but please respect everybody!
nobody's prerfect

Sunday, January 5, 2014


hallo readers!
it has been a month++ since the last time i posted something
during this holiday i have been a lazy ass!
and in the last day of holiday (read: SUNDAY , 5TH OD JANUARY)
i decided to take an outfit post.

the weather wasn't  great at all!
it is rainy and cloudy -_________-
it made me lazier to do anything

this is THE QUICKEST and UGLIEST post i have ever made.
the quality of picture wasn't good at all
i wasn't happy with the quality
it was rainning when i started taking picture -____-
so i was in hurry -__-

by the way,
i have a tought
i don't know why lately most of everyone doesn't really have a heart ,
they mock other people in path and instagram (gay,etc)
i am sick with those who did that,
what do you think guys?
do you think it is a cyber bullying?

see you soon,
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